Matthew:​ December 1992

Vocals, Dobro, Guitar

Matthew earned the "right" to be our first dobro player.  We all miss the dobro when he's not part of the band because of work responsibilities.   He's a hard worker, and Mom especially has appreciated it when he's there to help with Navigation and driving.   It's  also a huge blessing to have him as Dad's right hand man.  He always adds a special spark to the family.

Laurissa: September 1994

Vocals, Mandolin, Violin, Guitar, Piano

Laurissa is a young woman of many abilities both at home and on stage.  In a lot of ways she's stepped into Andrea's shoes  as far as critiquing and arranging music, as well as being an organizer in the home.  Not too much "rattles" her, and her smile and cheerful attitude  adds tremendously to the dynamics of the home.

The Family

Allison: June 2001

Vocals, Violin, Dobro

Allison, with her contagious smile and sweet voice, loves harmonizing with her sisters.  Her favorite pastime is with animals whether they are ours or someone else's, (or even wild).  She has a huge part in household chores.  She loves to be actively involved with whatever her sister's are involved in, and her joyful personality is a blessing to be around.

The Herrlinger Family

​Gospel Bluegrass Music from the back roads of Wisconsin...

Andrea lives in Manitoba Canada with her husband Joel and daughter Leana (2012) and son Ethan (2015).

​Before Andrea got married she had a huge part in the family music outreach. She  taught all of her siblings piano and  music theory and has a talent for arranging songs.

Justin was the first to express interest in learning to play banjo and has made good progress on the guitar. Work responsibility limits his ability to travel/sing with the family,  but he plays a huge part in keeping the "home fires burning" when we're away.  His steadiness and sense of humor is a joy to be around.


Vocals, Upright Bass


Hammered Dulcimer, Sign Language For Some Songs

Joel & Andrea: Married in 2011

Naomi:  March 1998

Vocals, Banjo, Violin, Guitar, Piano

Naomi was the first one to play the fiddle, Orange Blossom Special being one of the favorites.  Her belly laugh  as a toddler always was a joy, and we still love to hear her laughter.  She has a huge heart to serve God and her family wherever there is a need and always an encourager to her family and whoever she's around.  


We are the Dad and Mom of this bunch. We met at collage and were married in 1983. Since then we have been blessed with seven children (all are gifts from God) and are now enjoying sharing the gift of music together as a family.​  Catherine has a vision to reach the hearing impaired, if you have a desire to reach out to the deaf community for a concert (yes, the deaf do enjoy music) please contact us.

Miranda: July 1999

Vocals, Violin, Guitar, Mandolin

Miranda sings lead in most songs but also harmonizes beautifully.  She does an awesome  job on guitar and violin and is learning the mandolin well.    Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious.  She's one to jump in and get a job done.  Her fun loving spirit  always brings a smile.

Justin: December 1990